Sunday, 30 December 2012

All Sants' Day

Son in law of Islamic prophet Mohammed and first male convert to Islam, Ali ibn Abi Talib once said, “One who acquires power cannot avoid favouritism” and in spite of four years of public outrage over the impotence of the UK’s regulators and a tumultuous term at the helm of the Financial Services Authority, for former banker and recently retired chief executive of the FSA (2007-2012), these ancient words have proved wholly true.

Infamously accused by MP’s of being asleep at the wheel at the height of the UK’s bank bailouts, for Hector Sants 2012 has been a remarkably good year. With an annual pay package rumoured to be worth a comfortable three million pounds for a regulatory position at Barclays and a knighthood coming his way in the New Year it is extremely hard to marry his current good fortune with a track record which found him napping while the UK’s banksters reaped havoc with the lives of everyone but their own. As a direct result of the FSA’s negligence, countless people have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their financial futures and aside from those who have been tricked by the banks into purchasing PPI, the majority have received no restitution for losses which occurred because the FSA, under the guidance of Hector Sant, chose not to,
  • Regulate responsibly
  • Prosecute banking criminality
  • Protect the banks customers
The banks Hector Sants regulated,
  • Fraudulently sold unsuitable products to their customer to increase their profits
  • Manipulated Libor rates to serve their own interests and camouflage their exposure to risk
  • Disguised their flawed loan books and sold them as blue chip low risk investments to negate their losses
  • Insured themselves against a property crash they knowingly created
Hector Sant did little to stop them. 

I can only concluded that the favours of the powerful heading Hector Sants' way over the coming months can only be for Hector Sants' services to banksters and not banking. Speaking as a victim of the notorious Halifax Bank of Scotland who has unsuccessfully fought for the last four years to secure the assistance of both the FSA and the FOS in my mortgage mis-selling case, the decision to honour individuals whose actions were pivotal to onset of the banking crisis only serves to illustrate how these failure continue to be rewarded leaving the rest of us to pay the price of the financial sector’s avarice.

Ali ibn Abu Talib also said,“As long as fortune is favouring you, your defects will remain covered” and if the New Years honours list is an accurate measure of policy, it seems papering over the the cracks remains very much the order of the day. 

Little wonder the banksters believe they are above the law.


  1. How very erudite Caroline. We need to know which clown put Sants' name forward (my money is on Osborne) so the he too can be covered in opprobrium.

    It really is staggering to think such ineptitude and failure should be rewarded in this way. It merely confirms that Sants must have the same sense of entitlement that leading bankers have. Oh well - just another nail in the City's coffin I guess.

    1. I suspect George Osbourne offered the knighthood by way of an incentive to encourage Sant to stay at the FSA and face the fallout. Also believe this honour is supposed to represent closure for the British public with regard to what the fortunate, the powerful and completely detached apparently regard as merely a series of unfortunate events. They seem to have completely overlooked the fact that it is extremely difficult to believe this kind of spin when the majority of us are up to our armpits in the consequences of bank debt of bailouts, austerity measures not to mention fighting fraudulent bankers. Seems cloud cuckoo has a growing number of inhabitants who have no idea their constituents are still gripped by financial suffering as a direct result of un-policed,unregulated and unbridled banking greed. As ever thanks for taking the time to comment Ashley.

  2. I find it inexplicable that Sants, who such a short time ago should have been attacking Barclays with every weapon at his disposal, is now sitting back on a £3 million sinecure. Is it too far fetched to suggest that he is being rewarded for letting them off easily, and if so, is this a corrupt relationship. I need to find a way to verbalise this without being sued!

  3. Very well written Caroline - It is unbelievable HS is being honoured in such a way - Lets pray 2013 brings the Justice we have all waited so long for - having sat eyeball to eyeball with HS in April 2010 over the whole HBOS debacle and its affects on several of their victims me and my family - its seems the wheels of justice turn very slowly and often have to be really forced into motion.